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Privacy Policy


When deemed necessary, Togetter Inc. (hereafter referred as “the Company”) may present stories created by users to a court, criminal investigator, or other authorities in order to protect other users’ property and rights, to prevent physical injury, as well as to ensure the sustainability of (hereafter referred as “the Service”), up to the extent deemed necessary to afford such objectives..

Togetter Inc. reserves the right to restrict users from using some parts or all functionality in, as well as to review, modify, or delete stories created by users, partially or as a whole, without prior notification, when it has been determined that any of the following violation takes place:

  1. The story under concern reflects any action that aims at obtaining, gathering personal information, such as real names, address, email, or telephone number.
  2. The story under concern contains false or fabricated information that can lead to defamation; discrimination; intention to misleading readers; information that may cause harm, chaos, and hatred; information related to pornography; copyright infringement; as well as information that promotes prostitution and gambling.

For purposes other than described in the following Privacy Policy, the Company shall not disclose user's’ personal information to a third party without prior consent.

When users find any violation towards the Privacy Policy described herein as well as find any decision by Administer unacceptable, users can write complaints through the Contact form.

Togetter Inc. does not replicate data stored in servers, including stories created by all users. Togetter Inc. will not be able to restore data in the servers that is lost or damaged for any reason. This should be taken as a precaution against loss or damage.

Togetter Inc. conducts all possible measures to protect users’ personal information, complies with the laws, regulations, and other norms, as well as enforces careful measures to protect user's’ privacy to the extent as explained below.

The extent to which users’ personal information will be used by Chirpstory

Chirpstory employs users’ personal information for any attempts that serve the following purposes:

  1. To manage the system and infrastructure of the site.
  2. To improve service’s usability, convenience, and to pursue better user experience.
  3. To deliver messages, announcements related to system maintenance as well as additional activities related to it that deemed necessary.
  4. To answer inquiries and correspondences regarding the general operation of Chirpstory.
  5. To deliver targeted advertisement that suits users’ behaviour in using Chirpstory as well as their demography.
  6. To create generalised statistics for internal use in the Company without personal data scrutiny.
  7. To provide information necessary in collaboration with other web service created by the Company.
  8. To make analysis required for the development of new service.
  9. To provide information necessary in building partnership and sponsorship with third parties, without disclosing specific personal information.

User’s personal information usage restrictions

Beyond the purposes described in the previous section, Togetter Inc. shall not use users’ personal information without users’ prior consent. However, this does not apply in the cases set forth in the following:

  1. When demanded by the law.
  2. When user grants the Company consent to use such personal information.
  3. When necessity of saving lives, preventing physical injury or property damage takes place, in case consent from user is difficult to obtain.
  4. When necessity of cooperating with government, persons or organisations who are entitled to conduct law enforcement takes place, in case consent from user is difficult to obtain.
  5. When the Company inevitably requires users’ personal information to make any judgement in relation to charge or claim in accordance with damage borne by telecommunication service provider.
  6. When deposition of users’ personal information to the third party (within the range as described in the previous section) is necessary, but this deposition shall only provide the third party with the lowest bound of personal information disclosure and the Company shall carry out maximum privacy protection.

Users’ personal information management

Only those who have been granted authority by the Company will manage users’ personal information.

To provide users with warranty regarding the privacy protection, the Company shall conduct appropriate supervision to all personnels dealing with users’ personal information management.

Modification, deletion of personal information

The Company shall take prompt action when there is request for modification or deletion of personal information from the users, him/her selves as well as their representatives. In accordance with standard business operation, reasonable period of investigation will take place, followed by modification or deletion as requested.

Access Log and Cookies

For improvement of the Service, the Company may use stored cookies and statistics related to it for data analysis. Using techniques like cookie and javascript, the Company may observe user’s behaviour and access history to However, no personal information shall be disclosed.

Changes in the privacy policy

Whenever change takes place, the Company shall notify the relevant users and make official announcements.


Any inquiry related to Privacy Policy should be addressed to the Company through the Contact form.

Updated: Tokyo, 30 March 2017.